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CenterSite Recruiting Management System

CenterSite provides a suite of applications designed to help busy HR professionals meet their recruiting needs. Centersite has long had a job postings feature as part of its website service for behavioral health centers. This allows you to create and manage the job openings that are announced on your website. But announcing the position is only part of the recruiting challenge. You need to gather information about applicants and be able to efficiently review the applicants to select the best. The CenterSite Recruiting Management System provides an online application package the consistently gathers information about your applicants and an applicant tracking system that allows you to efficiently review and manage applicants.

excerpt from online application Online Applications

The online application feature provides a secure webpage where applicants can provide detailed information about their education, job history, references, special skills, and special demographic information important for EEOC reporting. Each application is made in response to a particular job opening that the applicant found on the website. Applicants can attach their own resume in a variety of popular formats including Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents. Special terms and conditions language is shown at the beginning of each application which can be customized to your particular needs.

Applicant Tracking

Responses to the online application are stored in a database where HR analysts can review submitted applications. Applications can be sorted by job by date by name. Applications can be searched for special skills related keywords such as ‘ Excel’ or ‘LCSW’. Applications can be printed to become part of the employees per record and include a signature line at the end of the application where the applicant attests to the truth of all of the information provided. This printing for signature usually happens at the time of the interview but may happen at the time of hiring. Applications can be retained in the system for up to two years but can be deleted at any time by HR analysts.

Like other CenterSite services the Recruiting Management System is very competitively priced. Pricing depends on the size of your center but starts at $75 per month and can be twice that for the largest centers. Call us for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

right arrow  See the online application in a demo site.  Select a job from the listing and then select the 'Apply for this job' button from the job listing.