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SMS Reminders Moderately Effective for Flu Vaccination - 2017-11-20
"Short message service reminders are a moderately effective way to increase the rate of influenza vaccination among high-risk patients, according to a study published in the November/December issue of the Annals of Family Medicine." More

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure While Pregnant Spells Trouble Later On - 2017-11-20
"If you develop both diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy, you face a much higher risk of future trouble than women who only develop one of those conditions while pregnant" More

Most U.S. Parents Can't Find Good Childcare: Survey - 2017-11-20
"Two-thirds of U.S. parents with young children say it's difficult to find a childcare or preschool facility that meets their health and safety standards" More

Flu Shot Could Help Your Kid Avoid Hospital - 2017-11-17
"There's an easy way for parents to help cut their child's chances of ending up in the hospital with the flu -- get them vaccinated" More

5 Tasty Diet Desserts - 2017-11-17
"Satisfying a sweet tooth can be tricky when you're trying to reach or maintain an ideal weight." More

Hospital Midwives, Lower C-Section Rates? - 2017-11-16
"Expectant mothers seeking to lower their risk of a cesarean delivery might want to consider getting a midwife involved" More

One Type of Diet Can Add Years to Your Life - 2017-11-16
"Obese people who follow a low-fat weight-loss plan could tack extra years onto their life" More

Breathing Dirty Air May Raise Miscarriage Risk - 2017-11-16
"Smog might raise a woman's risk of miscarriage early in her pregnancy, a new study suggests." More

Psychostimulant Use Tied to Placental Complications - 2017-11-15
"Psychostimulant use during pregnancy is associated with a small increased relative risk of preeclampsia and preterm birth, according to a study published online Nov. 7 in Obstetrics & Gynecology." More

Could Your Cat Give You 'Bird Flu?' - 2017-11-15
"U.S. scientists are reporting a case of a veterinarian who apparently caught "bird flu" from an infected cat at a New York City animal shelter." More

Weighing Too Much or Too Little When Pregnant Can Be Risky - 2017-11-14
"The study found that too much or even too little weight increases an expectant mom's risk for severe illnesses and death." More

Prenatal Exposure to ADHD Meds Tied to Neonatal Morbidity - 2017-11-13
"Exposure to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder medication during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of neonatal morbidity, according to a study published online Nov. 10 in Pediatrics." More

Prolonged Breast-Feeding May Guard Against Teen Eczema - 2017-11-13
"Encouraging new mothers to stick with breast-feeding may halve the already small risk that infants will develop eczema when they hit their teens" More

Holiday Parties Minus the Calorie Crunch - 2017-11-13
"Here's how to enjoy yourself while sparing yourself hundreds of extra calories." More

Obesity to Blame for Epidemic of Knee Dislocations, Complications - 2017-11-10
"Excess weight can cause dislocation of your knee and may even lead to a complication that results in amputation of your leg." More

405 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)