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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CenterSite?

CenterSite™ is the first of several anticipated service offerings from CenterSite, LLC. We have heard many community mental health centers and employee assistance programs talk about their desire to produce a quality website of behavioral health and wellness information to present to their communities and clients. They want a vital site, rich in news and information, that will bring individuals back again and again. Their frustration is that they simply don't have the resources to gather and present the quantity and quality of information necessary. While many organizations have already put up simple 'brochureware' websites of a dozen pages or so, these sites have little depth of information and no dynamic, constantly updated information. Consumers visit the site initially but quickly realize there is no reason for them to come back because there is rarely any new information.

CenterSite™ is a new concept in community outreach and a substantial advance in employee benefits. CenterSite™ allows you to license an award winning website specializing in information and resources for behavioral health and wellness issues. This licensed website either replaces your existing website or becomes your first website. The site is branded with your name and logo on every page. Your community or clients sees your logo and information, identifying the site as your own. You can add as much local information to our national content as you desire. You get all of this for a low monthly fee and without a large up-front investment.

CenterSite owns an award winning library of behavioral health and wellness information. The CenterSite™ service would allow you to license ALL of the content of our library and present it under your 'private label'. The local content you add as part of setting up this service could describe your organization, programs, staff, locations, etc., but you could also go far beyond that. As an example, if you are running an event (lecture, training, screening, etc.) locally, you might add an article describing and promoting the event. The article along with photos would be featured on the homepage of your site. If you have a fund raising event, you could promote it on the site.

The CenterSite™ service will include everything you need; content, editorial, management, hardware and hosting are all included in the service. There would be nothing else to buy (hardware or software) and no additional staff to hire. All you would need to manage your local content is a web browser and access to the Internet. You add new local content to the site yourself through a browser-based form that is simple to use. Your existing site can be migrated to CenterSite™ as a part of a setup process that CenterSite LLC. would coordinate.

What types of local content will CenterSite™ allow?

CenterSite™ will allow for a great deal of flexibility in this regard. We believe the structure we created can accommodate just about anything. The chart below gives you some idea what can be included. We provide a global level of navigation to the pages shown in the table below. This means that each of these pages can be accessed directly from a menu on every other page of the site. Each of these pages can have as many pages under them as necessary. It is very important to recognize that you are not restricted to the examples in the table below. You can choose any page names you want and you dont have to use all the examples shown if you dont care to. You have complete freedom to decide what to say about your organization. If you have questions about some specific information you wish to present, please call and discuss it with us.

Types of Local Content Allowed
Page Name: Description:
About Us Mission, values, history, top local news, etc.
Staff Specialties, accreditation, licenses, etc.
Services Programs offered
Facilities Locations, maps, hours, etc.
Careers Job postings
Our News Listing of news stories from your Center
Crisis Panic button, emergency contacts, what to do instructions
Resources Links to other community resources
Contact Us Hours, phone numbers, link to facilities

What is the estimated monthly hosting fee?

Monthly hosting fees start as low $199 USD. Service includes thousands of pages of consumer content maintained by our editors (newsfeeds, videos, medical dictionaries, newsletters, links to other resources, etc), site hosting on our servers, the CenterSite™ Content Management System (CMS) which allows you staff to easily add your content to your site. There is also a set up fee required to get your local site information set up with CenterSite™. See the next question for a description.

What would it cost to move our current site?

Assistance in moving your current site is included in the set up fee that we charge. CenterSite™ has been designed so that no technical expertise is required to enter and maintain the local content. There is a simple form available through any browser which will allow anyone licensing CenterSite™ to add or modify the content of their local pages.

The set up fee is for training your staff to enter your local pages and consulting on your graphic (logo) and name treatment on the site. That fee is $1,500. There may be issues around your centers logo and name and how they would appear with the color choices and space available on our sites page layout. There may also be issues related to how to pour all the information you want into the basic design we have laid out for the local pages. We should be able to accommodate all the information you will want to provide. We have accomodated the needs of many existing web sites of mental health centers and set our design up to be very flexible. The entire process should take no more than a few days.

We would need the capability to update the content (i.e. job openings, community happenings, etc.) Is this available, and is easy to do for the average person who does not have a lot of technical knowledge?

Updating the local information would be done through our Content Management System (CMS). The CMS uses browser-based forms to create and update content. Your staff would access our site with a special id and password to do the maintenance. There is no software involved at all so there is no web publishing package to learn. You can create your documents in MS Word using bullets, underlining, lists, etc and simply import them right into the CMS. This makes it very easy to create professional looking documents on your site without web publishing experience. You can enter some HTML formatting but it would not be required. The goal is to keep this from requiring any technical skill. Whoever is responsible for promotion at your center would be able to do this directly.

What is my center's web site name when using CenterSite?

You can use any web site name you wish. If you already have one, we can continue to use it. If you do not have a web site, you will need to apply for one. For example, the Nova Center might get We can help you apply for a site name. Once you have the name, we will help you redirect it to CenterSite™. It is a relatively simple process and is included in the start up fee. If you find that was already taken (for example by the Nova Foundation), you could use Since we control CenterSite.Org, we can assure you that 'Nova' will be available.

How much disk space is available without extra fees?

Our current fees are not based on disk space used. We don't expect that it will ever be necessary to charge based on disk space used. You may use as much as you like. The real value of CenterSite™ lies in our content that creates a compelling web site that people in your community will want to access again and again. Of course, the ease with which your local pages can be created means than anyone on your staff could do it and eliminates the need for HTML specialists and our hosting service eliminates that need for extra web server computers at your site. We take the burden of the servicing and maintenance of these systems.

How many links can we have? We currently have links to local organizations and want to keep them.

There is no limit to the number of links you can create to resources in your communities. These links can appear in your local pages and they can also appear mixed in with the national links if appropriate. Examples of links in your local pages might be links to resources in your community such as patient advocacy groups, homeless shelters, etc. These links are not specific to any particular condition such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. If there is a particular problem (e.g. Bulimia) that your center typically refers to a local agency specializing in that area, you may want to put a link to that agency in with the other 'treatment' type links associated with the Bulimia Center within our site. CenterSite™ is smart enough to display local links prior to national links when the person accessing the center is from you community.

Will CenterSite™ be interactive or is the web site read only?

CenterSite™ offers many opportunities for your community to interact. We believe that part of what we offer to the community is a medium that is more interactive and can be much richer and more personalized than simply turning the pages of a self-help book or magazine. There will be surveys and assessments (simple at first-but growing in sophistication later). One of the most popular features of websites is a poll. People want to know how they compare. We will offer such polls.

Will CenterSite™ be accessible to the disabled in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act?

CenterSite™ is committed to being accessible to persons with disabilities. Please access this link to view the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template for CenterSite™.

What is your hourly rate for development?

We charge $125/hour. We don't anticipate the need to provide custom development very often.

We would be interested in using some of the content, but not replacing our site with yours.

Many of the Larger organizations we deal with already have sophisticated web sites with a look and feel that you have invested a good deal of money to develop. With CenterSite™ Syndication Services, we can provide you with all of our content but retain the look and feel of your current site. Using CenterSite's template system, we create a second site which we serve that holds our content. You just link to it. We essentially blend the two sites (your local site and our national site) together. People in your community access all the content of Mental Health Net without realizing that they are in a separate site. We host your site and we provide a lot of the content that might be of interest to your clients. Your site still exists and simply links to our Syndication Service as necessary. Together, these pages create a large comprehensive web site with a consistent look and feel. We do not replace the content in your site. All of your content is still there. We simply add to it. Our site has the ability to recognize where viewers are coming from (based on the URL they use to get to the site) and present the site with your centers name and logo rather than ours. Call us for details.

Would reports be available (web trends traffic statistics) such as how many hits we get, where they come from etc?

We are able to tell you how many visits your site has received. Eventually, we expect to be able to give summary statistics about what areas of CenterSite™ are of interest to your community. We could tell you for example, that alcohol abuse is the most accessed center by members of your community. Perhaps that information might influence you to consider outreach programs in that area. We would show centers ranked by access within your community. Any special reporting can be considered at our hourly consulting rates. We absolutely will not make any information available about any individual.

Can we look at the current site to get an idea what content will be available?

Sure, we have several examples of customer sites available for you to view. Please go to and follow the link at the top of the hope page to 'Sample Sites'. Many of the links to the sites have a 'customer quotes' page attached. Be sure to visit these pages to hear what our customers think of the service. (They Love It!!!!)

Does our equipment host the site or is it hosted at another site?

CenterSite™ is completely turn-key. There is nothing else to buy. The only thing you will need is internet access with a browser in order to enter and maintain your local content. The site is hosted on our equipment. All systems are continuously monitored and supported. All hardware including communications lines and power supplies, and full system replacements, if necessary, are either redundant with automatic fail over or are in inventory and available to be swapped in the event of system failure. CenterSite™ is spending a great deal of time and effort on the application software and development of the website and databases to manage both the national and local content. This industry-leading platform ensures high availability and accessibility to meet your needs now and in the future.

Do you offer a guaranteed uptime?

We will not formally guarantee uptime. The combination of a proven software platform for the site and the effort we have put into the physical facility makes us expect very high availability. We certainly have a track record hosting and maintaining Mental Help Net for the last 10 years and making it available to its over 500,000 monthly visitors.

If I move my existing site to CenterSite™, can I get the local information back if I decide not to continue the CenterSite™ service? What about my Domain Name?

If you ever decide to terminate the service, we will provide you with files containing the information from your local pages. You can take this to a new service provider and be back up without losing any of the local information you have developed. You would simply redirect your domain name to your new service provider. You will always be the registered owner of your domain name and may redirect it at any time

Do you have features to meet the special needs of EAP's?

CenterSite™ websites can be password-protected so only covered employees are allowed access. Covered employees log into your website using a company-wide password, and view a version of your website personalized with their employer's logo and unique contact information. You gain access to detailed utilization reports showing you how many times employees in each contracted company view various topics on your site. Local content can be keyed to a particular ID/PW combination. This allows you to create documents on your site which will only be viewed by one company or perhaps a group of companies that have purchased a 'premium' benefit package.

Who is CenterSite, LLC?

CenterSite, LLC. is a venture whose mission is to provide a suite of Internet services to behavioral health providers with the ultimate goal of facilitating improvement in the quality of care for all consumers. These web-based services will enhance providers' ability to interact with their clients, their community, their peers and their industry. CenterSite's current and future offerings will continue to lead the field as health and wellness evolves on-line.

Who do I contact for more information?

Use this form to contact us if you are reading this online. Alternatively, you may telephone us at 614.448.4055, or email us at