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About CenterSite

Our Vision

CenterSite™ believes that consumers look to their local communities for trusted information and services. We will partner with local behavioral health providers, community mental health centers (CMHC) and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to provide information and service within their communities.

Our services will combine leading edge website design and web technologies with authoritative information and resources to improve the day-to-day well-being of individuals and to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and accessibility of behavioral healthcare services.

Our Company

CenterSite, LLC is a new venture whose mission is to provide a suite of Internet services to behavioral health and wellness providers with the goal of facilitating improvement in the quality of care for all consumers. These web-based services will enhance providers' ability to interact with their clients, their community, their peers and their industry. We will provide full websites or can syndicate content for use in client websites.

CenterSite™ Provides You With:

  • An award-winning web site, professionally presented and privately labeled to your brand.
  • Your own domain name (
  • The ability to easily publish your own content without technical assistance
  • Thousands of pages of rich behavioral health and wellness content - constantly upgraded
  • News feeds
  • Reviewed links to other resources
  • Professional tools and resources
  • Hosting
  • Editorial Management
  • Training
  • Support