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Childcare Resources (by State)

little boy at daycarePlease click the links below to search for child care in your state.  Depending on your location, the results may include child care centers, family homes, and early education programs.

Types of Care

The first type is a licensed group day care center. These centers can be part of a national or regional chain or an independent for profit or nonprofit center, such as are offered by some religious communities. Centers may be a free-standing and independent enterprise or part of a larger organization, such as an on-site care facility sponsored by an employer.

Family childcare, also known as an "in-home" day care, takes place in a provider's personal home. This is usually a single provider who is caring for multiple children and families. This can be a licensed or unlicensed situation. In many states, if a caregiver is providing care for more than one family, he/she must undergo the licensure process.

Early education programs generally serve preschool age children (3-5-year-olds) and are designed to enhance their success in future formal schooling.

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