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Websites for Behavioral Health

Become Your Community’s Behavioral Health Source

These days, there is no shortage of available information. The question is: which information can we trust? The public wants a voice that will lend credence and support to the available information and that will separate fact from fiction. In this situation, people want to turn to a local source, one with ties to the community. With the help of CenterSite’s award-winning information and easy-to-follow Internet interface, your agency has the opportunity to be the source of reliable and accurate information that consumers will depend on for years to come.

AMHCCenterSite can deliver a vibrant, second-generation behavioral health website for your agency. With our web solution, you will be able to serve your clients, their families, your staff and your board by delivering:

  • thousands of pages of educational content
  • a content management system
  • private, password-protected areas for board, staff or providers
  • prices starting at only $199 per month

You already provide excellent quality behavioral health services to people in need. But how can you best communicate this fact so that the community thinks highly of your work? The answer is via a consumer-oriented Internet website.

A publicly accessible consumer-oriented website is an important and expected part of public relations and fund raising strategies. Your organization’s website can provide your community with useful information and timely news on behavioral health topics and up-to-date details on services and special events — all delivered under your brand. It can be expensive to maintain such a website however, and this simple fact prevents many centers from creating such a resource. These constraints need not stop your center because CenterSite offers CMHCs an easy, inexpensive, and secure turn-key solution.

CenterSite websites are private-labeled under your identity, and come complete with thousands of pages of awardwinning behavioral health content and news feeds. Our unique web-based administration tool makes it easy for even nontechnical staff to add and edit information on your website. We’re confident you won’t find a better total value anywhere.

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Quick Setup

CenterSite websites are constructed from flexible, “prebuilt” templates which set up quickly and allow for a great deal of personalization. You get a custom website fast, without having to pay for a custom design. In most cases, we can import your existing website into your new CenterSite website as part of our normal setup and it can be up and running in as little as one week.

External Hosting Protects Your Operations Data

Your CenterSite website will be hosted outside your organization at our secure data center. This allows your IT team to lock your firewall with maximum security keeping your sensitive internal data protected. This level of security is not possible with an internally hosted website. We back up your website every night, and watch over it 24/7 with our knowledgeable network technicians.

Easily Maintained with Web-Based Content

CenterSite eliminates the need for your IT department to help staff with web tasks. Our web-based Content Manager makes publishing documents, news articles, links, job listings and other information as easy as filling out a form and clicking a button. Even your non-technically oriented staff members can learn to do this after a single training session, which is included as part of our normal setup package.

Password Protected Areas

CenterSite allows you to use passwords for sections of your site, publishing information that will only be accessible to members of your board, staff or provider network.

Award Winning Behavioral Health and Wellness Content Standard

Every CenterSite website is delivered with thousands of pages of behavioral health and wellness content.  A news feed is also provided featuring relevant articles from wire feeds and newspapers. CenterSite customers are free to choose the amount of content they wish to feature. In addition to our own information, we provide thousands of links to other websites, categorized by topic. Customers can also add their own topics and content.

Job Listings manged by your HR staff

Job announcements posted by your HR staff automatically display on your CenterSite website.  Your staff can unpublish a job listing without deleting it and republish it later when you need additional staff.  There is no additional charge for this service, it is a standard part of our system.

Applicant Tracking System

Your CenterSite website has a complete HR system that includes job listings, online applications and attached resumes. HR managers can review applicants by job and view attached resumes with the click of a button.

Content Syndication Service

Some customers wish to include Center- Site content in their existing site. Our Content Syndication Service makes this easy and inexpensive. Please contact us for details.

Tremendous Value

We offer a complete package for a low monthly fee starting at only $199 per month, based on center size. You can pay month by month or sign a term contract — it’s up to you. Hosting, technical maintenance, training support and highquality “PhD-reviewed” content are all included.

Mobile Soutions

CenterSite embraces the ‘mobile web’ and does so with a ‘responsive website’. When a CenterSite website is accessed from a mobile device it ‘responds’ by changing the way information is displayed to optimize for the limited space. Responding doesn’t mean reducing the content. It means optimizing the display of information to present the information in a new way. Our clients come to us because they wish to present authoritative self-help information to their community and their clients as part of their fundamental mission. We recognized that the ‘mobile web’ is becoming the web experience for many people. It is not a secondary device used only for transactions. For many it is their primary access to the internet. This is particularly true of lower income groups and minorities. If you need to reach these groups, it is important to be aware of this trend. It is important that all the information available on your site is available to these groups as well.

Having equal access to the information on your website available on all platforms shouldnt require extra work on your part. Unlike some dedicated mobile websites, where you have two completely separate sites to update and maintain, our responsive solutions need to be updated only once for information to be available to your entire community. Equal access to all information and easy to maintain. That’s the CenterSite advantage.

Discover All the Benefits CenterSite Can Offer


Keep Your Community Up-to-Date

Your center’s message changes over time but many websites do not reflect these changes because they are seldom updated. And there are too few people in the organization with the technical skills to do the updating.

CenterSite’s sophisticated but easy to use Content Management System (CMS) solves this problem. Using the CMS, even nontechnical staff members can easily change content on the website. Because all the editing is done through the web, updating can take place from office or home. And since CSM makes our sites easy to update, it happens more regularly.

Lower the Cost of Maintaining Your Site

CenterSite makes it simple for most staff members to learn how to maintain your website. An assistant to the executive directors handles the site updates at one of our small clients. More often the development and marketing staff share the maintenance responsibilities.

Enabling your own staff to maintain your site makes sense. It saves money and aggravation, and increases operational efficiency. Technical staff members not doing web maintenance are then free to pay more attention to the vital MIS and IT projects they were hired to do. Nontechnical staff members — the people who actually generate your communications — are empowered to directly publish their material on the website. To the extent that nontechnical employees cost less than technical ones, you also save money by making it possible for lower-cost employees to handle the web publishing duties.

Recognition of Your Center as a Behavioral Health Authority

As a CenterSite customer, your website will feature thousands of pages of consumeroriented educational materials on topics such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD and many more. The updated content makes the site interesting and establishes your center as a behavioral health services leader. As a result, your site is accessed more frequently.

Community members returning to your site will also see news and information specific to your center and its programs. For example, you can post a featured article describing an upcoming fund raising event, or new program, right in the middle of your home page where every visitor will see it.

Retain Your Existing Look and Feel

CenterSite websites can be configured to match the appearance of existing sites. This flexibility allows you to shift to CenterSite without sacrificing existing design features. Colors, logos, graphics, design elements and content are all easy to move. We can customize a CenterSite website with all the hallmarks of your identity.

CenterSite Makes Creating Dynamic Web Pages Easy 

With CenterSite’s Content Manager, creating a web page is as easy as typing. The web-based form provides clearly labeled fields that simply need to be populated by the site manager. Once new copy is entered and uploaded with the click of a button, it appears immediately on the designed website. To add photos and other artwork, the user only needs to click and choose the desired file from their computer’s hard drive. The Content Manager automatically resizes the image to fit the page template. When the content is complete, the user clicks one more button and the new page is sent to their server, ready to be used by everyone who views the site.