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provides cost-effective, high-quality website services to EAP and Behavioral Health organizations

CenterSite produces and maintains high quality educational health, wellness and work/life content (including topical education documents, health and wellness news, reviewed internet links, self-help instructions, videos, questionnaires, essays, advice columns, weblogs, book reviews, etc.), and easy-to-use hosted content management software (used to create and maintain websites in an automated fashion).

Gracepoint Wellness We use this content and software to deliver innovative website services for Employee Assistance Programs and Community Mental Health Centers looking to create, upgrade or expand their consumer-facing and/or business facing web presences. 

  • Entire Websites. CenterSite can create an entire consumer-facing private labeled business website for your EAP or CMHC, complete with up-to-date educational content and content management access. You can use your CenterSite website to deliver a high quality benefits website for covered employees, or to raise your local profile by becoming the regional source for high quality mental health education. 
  • Content for Existing Websites. If you already have an existing website and aren't interested in replacing it, CenterSite can help you add high quality educational content to that existing website.

  • News and Content Feeds. If you have an existing website and want only a little additional content to liven things up, CenterSite can offer you health, wellness or work/life news feeds that can be integrated into your existing website in about five (5) minutes.

  • CenterSite MobileCenterSite Mobile enables your website to be responsive and makes it able to be viewed on any mobile device. There is a single site, update once to change both mobile and desktop versions. Provides the full, rich educational experience to all users.