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Bipolar Disorder References

Rashmi Nemade, Ph.D. & Mark Dombeck, Ph.D.

Bipolar Disorder References

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Reader Comments

Why? - Andrea - Dec 14th 2011

This article answered alot of questions for me.  Unfortunately a very close young single mom has been recently diagnosed with this disease.  Up untill now has she been misunderstood and could have had a less chaotic life if this were diagnosed earlier. 

I want to share this information with her and her family but I'm not sure if this would be over stepping my bounderies, I'm a friend who cares, and if this women is going on 27 years and nobody in her immediate family has come forward to help her than I can be openining a can of worms not mentioning we have an on off again friendship because of this disease and the number of stories she makes up. Certain family members despise me. Others are living far away and have no clue whats going on.  I love her and her two children under 5 who are definateley affected by this but nobody knows. I can only pray. Theres not a day that goes by I don't worry.

My thoughts - Dawn - Mar 4th 2010

I found the article very informational, anything and everything I wanted to know about this disorder was available to me. A better understanding of this disorder is what I can take from this article, I am amazed at all the specifiactions that have to be included in order to even have a classification of Bipolar. All the medications available to treat the various cycles are amazing. I was unaware of other underlying conditions that can mimic syptoms of Bipolar. It goes to show how very important an in depth health history as well as a head to toe physical assessment is needed in determining the necessary course of treatment for the patient.