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Comprehensive, Affordable Child and Elder Care Databases

 Employers expect more information and assistance from the EAP than ever before.  They want to know that the EAP can assist their employees through the milestones in life that distract employees from their work.  EAP's and Employers know that the two most requested service referral are for Childcare and Eldercare.  The 'sandwich generation' has put off having children and is now caught between caring for their children and caring for aging parents.  Locating childcare close to home and eldercare close to the parents home relieves employees from the anxiety, stress and low productivity caused when these services are not secured.  CenterSite can provide comprehensive databases as part of an online product which allow employees to identify desired services in their area.  Our databases are comprehensive, industry-leading resources that employees will utilize and appreciate. 

 Having a child can be a very stressful time. There is much to learn and do.  It is a life changing time with new responsibilities.  It is also a wonderful time.  An opportunity to experience a  joy and love that is like no other.  Young families need help.  Especially working families need to be able to locate safe, reliable childcare.  Our childcare databases significantly ease the burden by quickly and easily locating resources.  Our national database of childcare provider is one of the most comprehensive listings in the market with over 250,000 records which cover all 50 states.  Our data is organized and searchable by zip code and includes a distance indication so you can specify how far you might be willing to travel for a solution to your childcare needs.  Our information is segmented by the type of childcare center so you can specify only childcare centers, only group homes, only family homes or any combination.

The goal of our searchable eldercare database is to provide information, education and support to families caring for aging loved ones. Selecting the right eldercare for elderly parents' care can be a big job . Whether you are caring for a spouse, parent, relative or neighbor, you need assistance. We hope that our tools will help caregivers relieve the stress of locating needed services.  Our database tracks more that 60,000 eldercare services. 

 Different services may be necessary based on the needs of your loved ones.  That is why we track nursing homes, assisted living, and adult day care centers.  Like our childcare information, the eldercare information is searchable by distance from a central zip code.  Today's families are often geographically dispersed, you may be searching for assisted living near your parent’s home or you may be searching for a nursing home located in near one of your siblings but several states away from you.  Our database is comprehensive and contains information drawn from service licensing information in all 50 states.  You can quickly identify candidate services and get contact information which will allow you to follow up to ensure an particular needs can be met.  This service can save employees a lot of time.  Time that can be used to solve a company’s business problems rather than spent worrying about locating a service.

Both our childcare and eldercare services are available as independent services.  They can be combined with our CenterSite website service for EAP's but they are also available outside of our base service.  Contact us for pricing.

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