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Accurate Legal Information You Need

CenterSite’s new Legal Information topic center allows EAPs to provide their employees with the up-to-date and legally accurate information they need to successfully address important personal and family matters.

  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning 
  • Identity Theft Protection 
  • Buying or Renting a Home
  • Adoption and Guardianship
  • Small Claims Court
  • Cleaning Up Credit Problems
  • Elder Care
  • Accidents and Traffic Tickets

Many of life’s most important transitions and unexpected problems can be overwhelming without at least a working knowledge of the related legal aspects. The stress associated with buying a house, managing debt, addressing the care needs for elderly relatives, and similar situations can be reduced by careful and informed planning combined with reliable knowledge from credible sources.

CenterSite has partnered with Nolo, the nation's oldest and most respected provider of legal information for consumers and small business, to add insights and guidance regarding life’s most important challenges right on your EAP website.

This information is not intended to substitute for the advice of a qualified lawyer. Instead, the knowledge is meant to assist your employees navigate through these potentially intimidating situations with greater confidence.

A small monthly fee will add this premium content to your CenterSite website, ensuring your covered employees access to this authoritative information when questions arise.

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