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EAP Websites that Work to Your Advantage

In today’s competitive environment you need to provide better benefits to your EAP clients and do so cost effectively. Service and price factor into competitive advantage. CenterSite gives you an additional employee benefit that allows you to deliver thousands of pages of educational material to your clients’ employees. You can easily add your materials, or materials licensed by others, to your CenterSite website. Printing costs drop dramatically while access is improved; service is enhanced; price is reduced; and a competitive advantage is gained.


Websites have evolved into a key interface between you and your customers. Your customer’s impressions of the quality of your services will be heavily influenced by their interactions with your website (or noticeable lack thereof). The best EAP business sites have transcended “electronic brochure” status to become valuable information and communication resources that benefit both executive decision-makers,and employees. Do your current websites offer your covered employees 24/7 access to branded health and wellness educational materials as well as information about your services? Do they offer you an attractive platform for sharing product information with executives, receiving customer feedback, and accessing utilization reporting? Do they provide these benefits to your business in a highly cost-effective manner? CenterSite websites do all of these and far more.

CenterSite provides a complete, interactive, and hosted, website service designed to aid EAPs with marketing and public relations; employee health, wellness and work/life education; requests for service; and feedback communication. With CenterSite you have high quality, educational, private-labeled information available to your employees, substantially increasing their access, saving you money in printing costs, and enabling accurate utilization reporting. You also gain control over the process of publishing your promotional materials online so that it becomes easy for you to inform and educate prospective customers about what you do. Our system is designed to make it easy for non-technical people to achieve great looking results. Let us demo for you. You’ll want CenterSite for your EAP website after seeing us in action.

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Discover What CenterSite Can Do 
CenterSite is an innovative website service that EAPs and CMHCs use to build customer-facing websites. CenterSite websites are private-labeled under your brand, and come complete with thousands of pages of award-winning behavioral health and wellness content and news feeds. A unique web-based administration tool makes it very easy for even non-technical staff to add content and stories to your website.

CenterSite websites are constructed from flexible “pre-built” templates designed to come together quickly, offer many opportunities for customization (to offer you a unique look and feel most appropriate to your brand), and are very easy to maintain. Hosting of your website, as well as all technical maintenance, is included in the low monthly fee.

With CenterSite, any EAP or community mental health center — regardless of size or budget — can offer an attractive, informative, and cost-efficient website.

  • FEI EAPQuick Setup Why pay to reinvent the wheel? CenterSite websites are template-based. They set up quickly, are highly configurable, easy to personalize, and simple to maintain. You get a custom website fast, without having to pay for a custom design. In most cases, we will import your existing website into your new CenterSite website as part of normal setup. Your new website can be up and running in less than one week.
  • Experience-Informed Design CenterSite has developed websites for many EAPs and has the experience necessary to properly address your design questions. Are you wondering how to balance the need to restrict access to your website (so that only covered employees can visit it) while also ensuring sure that they can easily get what they need? Maybe you’re wondering how best to collect utilization statistics for each of your covered companies. CenterSite has addressed these questions and has numerous options already constructed and available for your use. We’re happy to discuss the various options with you and customize your site to best meet your needs.
  • Award-Winning Content Every CenterSite website is delivered with thousands of pages of behavioral health and wellness content drawn from the the CenterSite libray. A daily-updated news feed is also provided, featuring articles drawn from wire feeds and newspapers. All content is sorted into relevant topic centers by our editors under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Filters allow you todetermine the news which will appear onyour website. You choose as much or as little of the content as fits your needs. You can also use the Content Manager to add your own content, or to seamlessly integrate content purchased from other vendors.
  • A Benefits and a Sales Site An EAP’s websites must address the needs of both current and potential customers. CenterSite meets these needs by offering:1) a password protected benefits area complete with thousands of pages of consumer information, and 2) a publicly accessible sales area where you can put marketing materials. You can have as many pages as you like in both areas.
  • Web-Based Publishing CenterSite eliminates the need to hire expensive web consultants or to ask your IT department to take over web responsibilities. Our web-based Content Manager tools make publishing information as easy as filling out a form and clicking a button. Non-technically oriented staff members are typically able to publish documents to the website with only an hour’s training that is provided as part of the normal setup package. Is your content currently in Microsoft’s Word™ format? CenterSite provides “wizards” to convert your Word documents into web-accessible HTML documents while retaining layout and formatting. CenterSite also works with PDF documents which can be moved to your site and viewed as is.
  • Workplace SolutionsWeb-Based Administration Our web-based Content Manager puts you in total control of your site. Need to publish a document? It’s easy, just compose your document in Microsoft Word, or in the built-in “what you see is what you get” document editor, click a button or two and your new document is published on your home page. What about changing your logo? You can load an updated logo graphic from your desktop to your CenterSite website and have it appear on every page of your site in less than a minute. How about if you sign a new customer or need to delete an old staff administrative account? No problem at all. Creating or modifying customer and administrative accounts is quick and easy. You can delete or edit old accounts and create new ones as the need arises, all from within Center-Site’s web-based Content Manager.
  • Content Syndication Services CenterSite content can be integrated with existing websites, if the customer so chooses. Contact us for details.
  • Password Protection and Reporting CenterSite websites can be password-protected so only covered employees are allowed access. Covered employees log in using a company-wide password, and view a version of your website optionally personalized with your logo and unique information. You also have access to detailed utilization reports showing how many times people in each contracted company view different areas of your site.
  • Unsurpassed Support Though CenterSite websites are easy to use and manage, there are times when you will want to discuss a new idea or get advice. CenterSite is staffed in both eastern and pacific time zones, enabling you to reach us by telephone between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.Eastern (5 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific) every working day. CenterSite also offers monthly “Academy” training classes (live web seminars free for all interested customers), and responsive email feedback. On-demand video training is also available.
  • Value-Priced and Affordable CenterSite offers high-quality website services at value prices. Our complete package (hosting, support, behind-the-scenes technical maintenance and backup, award-winning content, access to publishing tools, etc.) is available for an affordable flat monthly fee starting at $300 for up to 20,000 covered lives. Businesses requiring access for more than 20,000 covered lives pay a low per-member-per-month tiered fee on top of the flat fee. You can pay month by month, or sign a contract to lock in your rate — it’s up to you. Compare our price and quality to what our competitors offer and we’re confident you’ll want to do business with us.
  • CenterSite Mobile When a CenterSite website is accessed from a mobile device it 'responds' by changing the way information is displayed to optimize for the limited space. Responding doesn't mean reducing the content, it means optimizing the display of information to present the information in a new way. Our clients come to us because they wish to present authoritative self-help information to their community and their clients as part of their fundamental mission. We recognized that the 'mobile web' is becoming the primary web experience for many people. It is not a secondary device used only for transactions. For many it is their primary access to the internet.