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Quotes and Testimonials


CenterSite offers a turnkey web service, with content management features that are easy to use, and provide a great deal of flexibility in managing the site. We were looking for a web service that provides comprehensive content, interactive tools and the ability to customize site look and features at a competitive cost. CenterSite met all our criteria and more. We have expanded our web services from CenterSite based on their willingness to work with us to customize features within the site. The level of customer service is always excellent and CenterSite works with us to create a site that will meet or exceed our objectives.

Andrea Sinisi
Vice President, Marketing
Bensinger, DuPont & Associates (BDA)


“Our EAP customers are very particular and have wide variety of expectations of an online line resource.  CenterSite fits that need and more.  CenterSite has the most current and up-to-date information for serving the growing needs of a diverse employee population that enjoys finding the self-help information they want on demand. The Center Site model allows us to customize the site to fit the needs of both large Fortune 500 companies as well as the small employers who now can afford to provide a service once reserved for a large corporation.  On top of having a great product, the people At CenterSite are professional, always prompt in answering questions, and clearly committed to providing superior service.”

Dan Potterton
Chief Operating Officer
FEI Behavioral Health, Inc.


"As a community mental health center public education and reducing the stigma of mental illness is something we are always working toward improving. The addition of the CenterSite comprehensive educational library we added to our web site has really helped us to achieve a whole new educational feature that we can customize very easily. We also now get the latest news feeds on our site adding very timely important health information for our community. Implementing this was simple and done very professionallly. I'd recommend CenterSite to any organization wanting to enhance their site in this way."

Cindy Bohl
Public Relations and Marketing Director
Aurora Mental Health Center


 MHMR of the Concho Valley

"Need a website facelift?  CenterSite makes it easy to renew, revamp, and refresh your look.  Keeping the website updated with articles, pertinent news, and local articles is easy with the constant support that CenterSite gives each of their clients.  Educational webinars continue your education with keeping your website and your skill level for your website design fresh and innovative."

Mary A. L. Tufts
Systems Support
MHMR Services For The Concho Valley


"…we sent out the first email marketing the new EAS/Wellness website and we have had remarkable feedback on it.  People are very impressed with the site and are thrilled to have this resource available to them.  I didn't know if anyone would really even care, so I'm a little verklempt at the response.  Gold stars for all of us!"

Cheryl Albaugh
PSD Employee Assistance Services


"Aloha! We at Workplace Solutions, Inc. have been very happy with our CenterSite EAP benefits website. Through CenterSite we are able to provide our covered employees with high quality health, wellness and work/life information which we can personalize to meet our specific needs -- we were even able to create a splash page of the beautiful Molokai coast to enhance our Hawaiian welcome. Employees like the information we now make available; we like how easily, and how quickly, we can add our own local information, and highlight important issues on our homepage. We are not high-tech folks, and CenterSite makes web publishing easy. Most importantly, our CenterSite website is helping to generate new business for us, and creating additional value for our existing customers."

Linda Foye, LSW, CEAP
Workplace Solutions, Inc.



 CenterSite kept our business in 2014 after our rebrand to Gracepoint because:

  1. Mobile is critical. Nearly 70 percent of our external marketing channel traffic is from mobile. To engage them, our website has to be mobile friendly.
  2. CenterSite created a working website from a concept document that was totally outside their existing templates. It was an easier and more cost-effective transition than I’ve experienced in more than 20 years in health care marketing.
  3. The content management system allows me to easily set up new documents and video links on the fly tying into our external marketing channels. I’m able to measure ROI using the new Google analytics.
  4.  The fresh content RSS feed on the home page has raised our new page’s ranking without additional SEO. That’s important for our cost-conscious nonprofit budget.

Karen Mess Frashier, APR, Fellow PRSA
Strategic Communications Director
Gracepoint Wellness


 Saint Lukes

We wanted a portal for our clients employs to access health and wellness information but we also wanted to be able to customize it deeply with our own information.  CenterSite gives us the ability to customize our website deeply.  We can use the site to communicate with our covered employees.  We use CenterSite’s video service to post our training and information videos.  CenterSite’s admin panels make it easy to manage the site. They provide great training and their customer support is excellent!

Sharon L Glass, Ph.D.
LIFEWISETM EAP Clinical Services Leader
Saint Luke's Health System




“I couldn’t be more pleased with CenterSite! They gave our old, outdated website the “facelift” it needed. Not only does our website look more visually appealing, it now offers much more information than offered before. Although our facilities do not treat all mental health disorders, the articles and resources provided by CenterSite give our visitors peace of mind knowing that help is available. Our website is now current and very easy to manage. I definitely suggest using CenterSite for your website needs!”

Kiesten Mastalsz,
Community Consumer Support
Helen Farabee Centers