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Review of "Writing to Heal"

By James W. Pennebaker
New Harbinger, 2004
Review by Dick C. on Apr 28th 2005
Writing to Heal

The purpose of this book is to introduce those folks with some sort of trauma or emotional upheaval to the real life wonders of producing a Journal of The Trauma.  The book provides a detailed step-by-step instruction or guide as to how to accomplish this important action as a therapy.

As a recovering alcoholic of some twenty years I can attest to the ultimate success of reducing your issues no matter how large or small they appear to the written word from your own hand. In the recovery circles we refer to this action as taking an inventory. We do so where possible in writing. I should also relate that this action is somewhat supervised as it is recommended that you seek some consul on how to accomplish this.

On a personal note, I took my written inventory some twenty years ago. I wish that I had the benefit of this book. It could have given me some very positive direction as to how and where I needed to go to reach the recovery level that I sought.

I found this book to be a very good read. The accuracy of the real circumstance was profound. It is a recommended read for anyone wishing to improve his or her lives in the face of major issues who are willing to take an action on their own.

Many people will likely consider taking an inventory or the writing of a personal journal to be no real challenge. I would submit that this would only be true of the folks that have not attempted it. Anyone who has seriously tried this has found it to be very difficult. As the saying goes, "No Pain No Gain."


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Dick C is a retired business executive. He is himself a recovering alcoholic with twenty years of continuous sobriety. During this time Dick C has spent much of his time in the process of helping others. At one time he was an elected Delegate in the recovery movement. He writes under a pen name to maintain his anonymity. This is a very important part of the overall recovery process.  Dick C currently has three published books on the subject of recovery. They are written from the perspective of the addict as opposed to an observer.