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Why Is He Doing This To Me?

I met this guy 8 years ago soon after my divorce. The first 2 years were a blessing and my kids adored him. He seemed caring and was very romantic, but that was before he got hit by work & financial problems.

Things didn't seem to get better for him despite his many efforts. He tried a new job, tried business and it all didn't work out. I was there all the way for him, giving moral support and also financial support. But then, maybe, depression was getting him, he always seemed stress and cold.

Lately, he has changed even more. He hardly calls me and rarely replies to my SMS anymore. When I try to have good communication with him, he seems to avoid the subject and I don't push him further as I don't want to stress him out. Now he is more like a stranger than when before all of this, we frequently fought over small matters.

I am still very much in love with him , but I sense that he doesn't feel the same for me anymore. We had a small fight last 2 weeks ago and he has switched off his phone totally and this is killing me. I have a feeling that he has someone else and that he is leaving me soon. It hurts as I keep asking myself why? I feel take taken for granted that after all that I have sacrificed for him all these years, he does not love me anymore. All these years I have been nothing but loyal to him. I lost everything I owned and am now in heavy debt while trying to help him out all these years.

Me and kids live a hard life due to this but we have never regreted any moment of it as we truly cared for him. I am now very depressed and sometimes feel that I do not want to live anymore, but the thought of my young children stopped me from ending my life. I feel that no one loves me. I try to be strong but now I need to take anti anxiety pills everynight to make me sleep and forget my sorrows.

Please help.



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personal experience - Scott - Dec 17th 2009

I am not a doctor. The paragraph I wrote is from personal experience and is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical problems.

my strategies - Scott - Dec 17th 2009

 Too many web sites are promoting coconut oil, palm oil and soy bean oil. All of these oils will eventually harm you. I only use olive and grape seed oil. I do not use saturated oils, butters, margarines, Trans fats (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils), any processed soy product, and vegetable oils like cotton seed, corn, and canola. Three years ago I switched to olive and grape seed oil. It has made such a change to my body, it lowered my total cholesterol over 100 points and I do not eat oat meal or take meds. My blood pressure is now 60 over 105 it was 90 over 135. I now have a pulse of 58. I am over 40 years old. My doctor is baffled how I achieved this with out meds. I mostly eat egg whites, chicken, turkey, lean pork, some fish - not too much because of mercury, vegetables, fruits, rice, home made bread, and my favorite chocolate peanut butter muffins only sweetened with apple sauce! I avoid eating out, you cannot control what's in that food. I do not eat deli meats, hot dogs, and bacon, all have high sodium and nitrates that can cause colon and prostate cancers. I do not eat soy products because they cause hormone issues and inflammation of arteries around the heart. I also do not drink tap water because it contains chlorine and high amounts of iron which can be harmful if you have hemochromotosis - genetic disorder that goes undetected by most doctors in the U.S. that makes the body store too much iron and will eventually kill you by the time your in your 50’s and is usually misdiagnosed as either a heart attach or liver cancer