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Flu Vaccine a Pretty Good Match for Viruses This Year: CDC - 2017-02-16
"Overall, it has been 48 percent effective, but more severe H3N2 strain a factor in reduced coverage." More

Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes Poses Risks for Mom, Baby - 2017-02-16
"Study confirms numerous hazards, and experts stress the condition must be treated immediately." More

Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Obese Patients Beat Diabetes - 2017-02-15
"After procedure, some patients were able to stop taking insulin to control their blood sugar, researchers report." More

Some Docs May Help Fuel Opioid Abuse Epidemic - 2017-02-15
"Patients are 30 percent more likely to get hooked on painkillers if their ER physician prescribes them frequently." More

Bariatric Embolization Feasible for Severely Obese - 2017-02-15
"For severely obese patients, bariatric embolization is feasible and seems to be well tolerated, according to a study published online Feb. 14 in Radiology." More

Does a Baby's Sex Affect Mom's Immunity During Pregnancy? - 2017-02-14
"Study may explain why women carrying girls might have worse symptoms of some conditions like asthma." More

FDA Issues Warning About Balloon Obesity Treatments - 2017-02-13
"Some devices are over-inflating, and some have been linked to pancreas inflammation, agency says." More

Eczema May Leave Some Flu Shots Less Effective, Study Finds - 2017-02-13
"Vaccine should be given into the muscle, not the skin, research suggests." More

Flu Cases Spiking Across the United States: CDC - 2017-02-10
"Hospitalizations and deaths among kids and adults on the rise." More

Twelve Percent of Women Fill Opioid Rx After Vaginal Delivery - 2017-02-10
"Twelve percent of women fill an outpatient opioid prescription within five days of vaginal delivery, according to a study published in the March issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology." More

Health Tip: Eating a Healthy Diet - 2017-02-10
"Watch what you eat, but don't go overboard " More

Post-Cesarean Maternal Infection in 8.8 Percent of C-Sections - 2017-02-09
"For women undergoing cesarean section, 8.8 percent have post-cesarean infection, with pre-incision azithromycin prophylaxis associated with reduced odds of infection, according to research published in the March issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology." More

Fecal Transplant Feasible for C. difficile Infection in Pregnancy - 2017-02-09
"A fecal microbiota transplant through colonoscopy appears to be safe for recurrent Clostridium difficile infection during pregnancy, according to a case report published in the March issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology." More

Daily Aspirin May Help Prevent Some Recurrent Miscarriages - 2017-02-09
"Approach seemed to help women with high blood levels of a 'marker' for inflammation, study found." More

Prenatal BPA Exposure May Dampen Body's Fullness Cues - 2017-02-08
"Prenatal exposure to bisphenol A may raise a child's risk of obesity by altering hypothalamic circuits that regulate feeding behavior and energy balance, according to an experimental study published online Feb. 7 in Endocrinology." More

437 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)